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Sensual and Relaxing massages, experiences and merchandise for the modern woman.

Offering FREE services August 1 - 21, 2023
For LV Strip customers only, zero, nada, nothing!!
Conference or visitor proof required.  SEE FAQ


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FAQ - Frequently asked Questions

Everything you wanted to know and more.


Is it free? Really? 2023

If you have one of the free vouchers, then yes.  No Tip, No payment, 100% free. A review would be nice.

1000 will be given away at events, convention booths and locations on the Strip in 2023. After that we will have specials and a spa location in early 2024.


How do I schedule a session?

Call or email (Under construction). One of our bookers will get right back with you.  If you are wanting to be more private in communications, we suggest for free private email address.


Massage Services


You Must be 19 or older (With valid ID)
No open wounds or other skin conditions

Shower prior to meeting
If meeting in your room, present a clean environment.
If meeting in your room have multiple CLEAN towels available

If meeting in your room have valuables secured (for our protection and yours)

Notify a friend you are meeting someone
No photos or recording are allowed

May not be significantly intoxicated.

May not be under the influance or appear to be on drugs

You must be mentally sound and coherent.
No group or couples massages are provided.


You will be asked:

Signed consent for experience.

ID Review 

Signed agreement on behavior

Agree to safe practices
Health History review

Agree to define safe word prior to starting - immediate stop and or leave if spoken.


100% relaxation guarantee


Speak up! This is YOUR session – and the experience all yours. Your therapist wants you to enjoy every minute and benefit as much as possible from the time you spend with them. If you would like anything changed – the pressure, areas worked, position, temperature, music, etc… speak up! You will not hurt your therapists’ feelings by asking for something that will make you feel more comfortable.


Outcall vs Incall

If you are requesting an Outcall to your room, we recommend for our safety that you store any valuables with the Hotel or in an approved safe.  It never hurts to advise a friend to check on you during or after session.  Tips are not required and will not be requested.


Incall - We will host in a Las Vegas strip hotel until December when we expect to open a state of the art spa located on the strip.


Do I have to be completely undressed? What do you wear for a massage?

You may undress to your level of comfort. Many people prefer to keep their underwear on during a massage, while others choose to be nude. Your massage therapist will leave the room so you can undress and lie on the massage table or bed under a top sheet. Regardless if you choose to maintain some clothing or not, your massage therapist will always ensure that you are always covered to your standard.  Keep in mind some oils will stain clothing or sheets.


What is a safe word?

All appointments establish a easy to understand safe word which stops any action, and can lead to an 

immediate end to the appointment or massage.  This is to avoid unintentional physical harm, panic attack or other events which may trigger use of a safe word.  Better to have one than not.


Where is your Outcall location?

In 2024 it will be located just outside of Paris Hotel and Casino
During most of 2023, we will offer locations in various Hotels we are promoting.

Our Spa in 2024 will include private rooms, showers, and a selection of Adult items for your review.


Can you come to my hotel?

If you are on or near the Strip we can come to your location.(2023)  In 2024 once the spa is established a travel fee may be required.


Can I smoke weed during massage?

We ask that you complete any relaxation practices prior to the massage.  We are unable to begin any service while drugs or alchol of any type is present.  Our therapists do not smoke and will not work in an environment that smells of smoke, animals or other items.


Can my sigificant other participate?

We do not provide couples massages in any form.


What if I am over three months Pregnant?

We cannot provide pre-natal massage or other services if over three months pregnant.
In 2024 we will have additional options at our Strip location (outcall).


What if I am MtF or Trans (Not born genetically a woman)

We cannot offer services at this time, but stay tuned in 2024.


What if I am a male?

Stay tuned in 2024 for options for Males as well.  Currently this seems to be well served by 

other agencies on the strip.


Are you an escort?

The offering of sex in exchange for money is illegal in Las Vegas.  We do not request or exchange anything of value.  To be clear No Penetration is legal.


What happens at the appointment time?

An introduction of your provider, their ID number, Name
Confirmation of your ID/Age and what you want to be called
Review of terms and conditions

-Specifically no money or other value shall be exchanged (2023) 

-Safe word

-Overview of what you are wanting / patient history


What type of massage do you offer?


All are designed and customized based on your level of comfort.


Light Touch

Calf, leg or other areas of need as you specify

Can I select my therapist?

Not initially, we have over a dozen therapists to serve you, but each one works different locations and shifts.  We do not provide pictures.