of Las Vegas for Women 


Sensual and Relaxing massages, experiences and merchandise for the modern woman.

Offering FREE services August 1 - 21, 2023
For LV Strip customers only, zero, nada, nothing!!
Conference or visitor proof required.  SEE FAQ


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About us


Once upon a time a very successful sister thought, why do guys have all the fun?  How can we provide a safe, relaxing option for women to enjoy while visiting Las Vegas.  In 2023 over 1000 sessions are being given away to visitors on the strip. 100% Free, no catch, no gimmick, just pure bliss and relaxation the way our trained staff can provide.


In 2024, we will begin our brand new Spa and relaxation center available to women who visit one of the Hottest places on earth.  So if you happen to be at a club, conference, hotel or other location - look for our booths - and coveted free voucher for your own use. Depending on the conference, your badge can be used to obtain a free session.


We will have options for relaxation in our Spa location which includes many options for Adult toys for review and purchase. (coming in 2024)


Our staff upholds the highest standards in health, confidentiality and personal safty to ensure your complete relaxation.